Bird Enemies

Bird Enemies is an iPad magazine that incorporates the power of interactivity of iPads to the already existing print magazines that are elegantly designed. The magazine builds on the article written by John Burroughs.

TeamEsten Hurtle, Ying Zhang, Holly Brosnahan, Kaushal Agrawal
RoleDesign & Prototyping


Wireframing, Sketching


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

iPad e-Book Design

Interaction Design Fundamentals

12.05.2011, 30 Days


We were presented an article named 'Bird Enemies' by John Burroughs. We individually created designs for the text that was compiled into the final designs. I was also responsible for creating the CD covers.


Becky Sylvia, 60

Retired High School History Teacher

Computer Proficiency

Becky can use a computer for basic tasks like e-mail and viewing websites, but she becomes a little apprehensive when she tries something new on the computer.


See as many local species of birds as she can
Expand knowledge of birds in other regions


From the comfort of her kitchen, Becky can see the local birds that come to feed on her bird-feeders. She keeps books identifying local birds and a list of all the birds see sees close to the kitchen window for easy access.

Becky enjoys going on day trips with her local bird club. Becky keeps up with information on birds by reading her bird club's newsletter, bird magazines and books, and web sites about birds.

Competitive Analysis

Field Research & Photography

In order to get a better sense of our demographics we decided to go to the National Aviary, Pittsburgh. We spent time studying about the birds and talking to people at the aviary. Most of the pictures used in the magazine were clicked at the Aviary by Esten, who is an amazing photographer.

Mood Board and Specifications