Kaushal Agrawal

Interaction Designer

I am a self-motivated individual who loves exploring the possibilities of combining technology and design to create wonderful interactive experiences. I have developed expertise in Software Engineering and Graphic Design through my work at Oracle and myfigments.

Currently, I am a Master's student studying Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. Through my course study and project work I have learned how to utilize user-centered research to create informed designs that cater to user goals and desires. Throughout all aspects of my work I strive for accuracy and work diligently to achieve it.

Additionally, I like traveling and adventure sports and I firmly believe in learning through people. In my spare time, I like to play pool and work on personal interactive projects.


  • Snap | May' 2012

    Snap is built on the idea of allowing people to click pictures on the go. It uses a camera mounted on the glasses to click pictures when a person makes an 'L' shaped gesture.

  • Memoriz | Oct' 2011

    Facebook Hackathon, CMU 2011 Winner

    Memoriz allows Facebook users to connect their albums with events they attended and share it with their friends

  • Groopiez | Sep' 2011

    Yahoo Hackathon HackU, CMU 2011 Winner

    Groopiez is a social networking website that allows music lovers to connect and plan concert trips and leverages information from Facebook and last.fm

  • Plan for School | Dec' 2011

    Plan For School is a university application organizer that provides tools to manage the information required for successful and timely completion of university applications

Work experience

  • Technical Lead

    Panasonic + MHCI Capstone Project | JAN' 2011 - PRESENT

    • Aim to create a prototype of a revolutionary tangible interaction system that will provide compelling and meaningful experiences for users in a public space using cutting-edge technologies that are feasible within the next 3–5 years
  • Founder, Artist and Web Developer

    myfigments.com | JUN' 2010 - JUL' 2011

    • Worked on Web Development,Logo Design and Graphic Design
    • Developed jQuery plugins and facebook applications
  • Member of Technical Staff

    Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. | JUN' 2009 - JUL' 2011

    • Developed Self Tutor, an application for internal use, used for tracking work related issues and solutions
    • Worked on Integration and Automation of Identity Management Suite, Oracle Middleware and Fusion Applications
  • Design and Advertising Lead

    Impetus and Concepts | FEB' 2008 - MAR' 2008

    • Designed campaign posters and advertising material for annual technical event Impetus and Concepts at Pune Institute of Computer Technology
  • Project Intern

    Symantec Software India Ltd. | OCT' 2008 - APR' 2009

    • Worked on provault,a project based on new storage model abstracted in the form of protected storage, faster storage and remote storage for Linux desktop user