Dark Knight

Kinetic Typography

The project uses the power of text animations to show expressions involved in a conversation between Batman and Joker from the movie the "Dark Knight". Through the use of text color and transitions this video contrasts between the serious and psychic nature of Batman and Joker respectively.


Video Editing


After Effects, Photoshop

Kinectic Typography

Software Structures for UI

12.09.2011, 2 Days


As a part of this project I wanted to explore the power of text to express emotions and at the same time the personality of the character. "Dark Knight" is an epic movie primarily because of how beautifully the roles in the movie have been acted. I chose a part of the dialogue between Batman and Joker towards the end of the movie and I wanted to make the video as some sort of a teaser.

I essentially wanted the video to end with the batman logo. I created sketches to see how the dialogues fitted in the shape. The dialogues for Batman was displayed with the font "Fontana" and the one's of Joker used "Cityburn". The text was synced with the audio in Adobe After Effects.