Facetracked Pacman

Facetracked Pacman is an improvisation over arcade game pacman. The game is created using Openframeworks and Kyle McDonald's FaceOSC wrapper. The game is simplified and and uses mouth movements to control the game.


Interaction Design, C++ Programming


Openframeworks, FaceOSC

Interactive Art & Computational Design

01.23.2012, 3 Days


The game is meant to be by mouth height and face orientation parameters returned by faceOSC. As soon as the user opens the mouth, the Pacman is set to move and when the user closes the mouth, Pacman moves forward. The user can only steer the Pacman left or right to the direction of movement by tilting the head in either directions. The tilt of the head is decided by threshold values to ensure correct turning of the character in the game.

The original maze from Pacman was reduced to a simple one to reduce complexity and the ghosts were taken out. To make the game interesting, I added a level completion time. A few things that I realized after completing the project was that while its fascinating to see the game controlled by mouth, it can really exhaust you over multiple play session.