Flights of fancy

Kinect Hackathon HCII 2011

Flights of Fancy is a kinect game that simulates flight behavior. The player has to go through randomly generated hoops in the air to score points. The game uses person's arm movement to steer the airplane in either direction.

TeamHarper LaFave,Kaushal Agrawal
RoleDeveloper, Visual Design


Game Design, Kinect Programming, Rapid Prototyping


C#, Visual Studio, Photoshop

Game Development

Kinect Hackathon, MHCII CMU

11.05.2011, 8 Hours


The game was developed at CMU MHCI lab, during a Kinect Hackathon organized by Asim Mittal. After initial hours of understanding Kinect libraries, we brainstormed ideas to create a simple game that was intuitive and achievable with newly acquired knowledge.

Flight of Fancy uses OpenKinect and OpenNI libraries for Visual Studio. Skeleton detection is used to track the position of the hands. The airplane remains still when the arms are parallel to the ground and moves left or right depending on which way the player moves his arms. The airplane accelerates and decelerates depending on the difference between the positions of the left and right hand.

Future Direction

We plan to increase the user experience by adding 3D models and simulate flying through a 3D space. The game design can further be improved by adding game missions, provisions to shoot and fire missiles.