Groopiez is a social networking website for music lovers, that allows people to make connections with other attendees prior to a concert so they never have to go to a concert alone.

TeamEsten Hurtle, Jose Nelson, Nick Inzucchi, Kaushal Agrawal
RoleUI Design, Front End Development


Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Web Development


Photoshop, PHP, mySQL, Facebook Graph API

Web Development

Yahoo Hackathon HackU

09.29.2011, 24 Hours

Groopiez was our entry into the Yahoo Hackathon held at Carnegie Mellon on September 29th & October 1st, and went to win the first prize at the competition.


The idea is to allow music lovers who are looking forward to attend concerts in and around their city and have no one to go with. The user logs into the groopiez through a Facebook account and selects the concert he wishes to attend. The system places the person with 5 other people who are interested in that event. These groups have access to a group chat that can be used to discuss logistics or anything they would like to discuss.

Data Sources


Facebook is used as a sign in mechanism on Name and profile pictures are accessed using Facebook's Graph API.

The upcoming concerts in the city and their details are pulled from the API after the browser determines the current location of the user.

Wireframes and Designs

Nick Inzucchi and me were responsible for visual design and Front End development. We came with the initial designs in the first few hours of the hackathon, which guided us through the rest of the hackathon.