Logo Designs

These are a collection of logo covers I had designed while working as a freelancer. My objective was to design simple and compelling logos that justified its meaning and company's mission. I also used these projects to develop expertise in Illustration and Sketching.


Illustration, Sketching


Photoshop, Illustrator

Logo Design



Axiomac is an India based startup. They concentrate on making embedded softwares for larger companies and work on a contract basis.

Compact Technologies

Compact Technologies is a Costa Rica based company. It is an authorized reseller for environment friendly and energy saving mini computers in Costa Rica. I was initially hired as a developer for their minipc website and later they wanted me design their logo for the company as well.


Grep was borne out of my frustrations from random calls I used to get from GRE consulting companies who scrapped by phone number from GRE's database. Though I was interested in understanding the best way to prepare for GRE exams, I had a hard time remembering their names cause none of them had a relation to the service they offered.