Winner Facebook CMU Hackathon 2011

Memoriz is a web application that visualizes Facebook events for a person over time. The application extends the basic Facebook functionality by allowing people to add meta data to the event and collaborating separate albums into one cohesive view.

TeamJose Nelson, Kartikeya Dubey, Asim Mittal, Kaushal Agrawal
RoleVisual Design, Front End Development


Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Web Development


Photoshop, PHP, mySQL, Facebook Graph API

Web Development

Facebook Hackathon CMU

11.05.2011, 24 Hours

Memoriz was our hack for the Facebook Hackathon at CMU on November 5th and we ended with wining the competition and a chance to participate in the All University Hackday at Facebook.


Facebook events are a widely used platform for organizing and planning activities and trips. But they don't do enough to tell the story of the event. For instance, at a recent party, five people clicked pictures. They uploaded them on Facebook, but everyone else saw these pictures as disconnected albums from different users. There is no way howsoever to either see them together. Our goal was to visualize Facebook events in a unique manner and allowing attendees to collect and share photos.

Data Sources


Facebook is used as a sign in mechanism on Memoriz. Name and profile pictures are accessed using Facebook's Graph API. Memoriz accesses friend list, album lists and past events through the API.

Google Maps

The events are visualized on google maps using the Google Maps API.