Poster Collection

These selection of posters were designed over the course of learning Adobe Photoshop and other design tools. Through these self assigned projects I developed image editing skills and explored the potential of image editing softwares.


Graphic Design, Poster Design


Photoshop, Illustrator

Poster Design

1-2 Years

The Pride of Paris

The wallpaper is a hypothetical concept of the Eiffel Tower. While exploring photoshop patterns, I discovered a tutorial for rendering space bodies. I wanted to create a more interesting design than just rendering planets so I added more elements and exaggerated the overall look of the poster.

Music for generations

This is a concept poster for an iPod advertisement. I wanted to show the evolution of music by using the guitar fret board as a timeline and tie this evolution of music with the evolution of iPods. I picked up interesting facts from the evolution of music and and added them to the timeline. The iPod was added on the top to show that all the music was available on iTunes store and the player would exist for generations.


Through this poster I wanted to communicate the value of using eco-friendly products and the importance of recycling. The concept was coincidently born while I was replacing a dead bulb in my room and I wasn't sure where should I dump the dead bulb.

Pink flyod - The dark side of the moon album cover

A simple attempt at designing the album cover for the album "The dark side of the moon". For this poster I wanted to minimalistic design and convey the original ideas for the album cover.

Kiss and hearts

A very simple idea that was born while playing poker. Coincidently I picked up a heart of kings and queens for my hand. The cards were close enough and it appeared to me as a kiss.


While working as a free lancer, I spent a lot of time learning web design and often worked overnight. This poster was designed to communicate my typical day. The night was depicted by a cresent moon and the time on the watch showed my working hours.