Crowd-sourcing tools for students

This project explores the concept of storyboarding for the concept - "Crowd-sourcing tool for students that allows them to collaboratively build a knowledge base around a class. To be used during lectures, when studying, and when taking an oral and/or written exam."


Brainstorming, Sketching


IDEO Ideation Sheets


Interaction Design Fundamentals

10.17.2011, 7 Hours

The project required to brainstorm 25 ideas around the presented concept. It was further required to convert these ideas into quick sketches and identify potential ones. Moving ahead the ideas were grouped in similar themes and 3 storyboards were presented to the class.


Brainstorming for the idea was conducted in a round-robin fashion with Asim Mittal and Brittany Hamtil, where 3 of us brainstormed for each others project ideas. After the session, I converted these ideas into initial sketches and added value proposition to every idea.